Qeezz | Our story
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Our story

It all started back in 2013.

Michael and Olivier were working in a company as developers and spent hours together in their walks back home every day from the office, sharing the dreams and goals of their careers.


One day, on their way back home from work, Michael decided to share one of his ideas with Olivier – He thought of developing an app for second hand car sales that is based on geo-location. Olivier liked the idea and suggested to join Michael so that they both develop the app together. 


They started the company but then received another proposal for an app development from a close friend – They soon realized that they can create a very professional yet convenient and fast way to develop quality apps for new clients – and that’s how QEEZZ was established! 


The idea was to create a loving and fun process of work-flow, where the client can get very involved in the process and gets the best solutions to his ideas ad problems.


Since then, the company got bigger and currently employs 7 workers who are working around the clock to make sure our clients are happy and satisfied. We have created and developed over 10 different apps for different fields and our clients include big and established companies