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Qeezz assure the development of your mobile apps on all platforms (iPhoneiPad, Tablets, Android smartphones, Android TV etc) from the design stage to the start of production with a commitment of time and results.



The creation of mobile applications within QEEZZ is based on a method that is suited for mobile which  highlights the user experience at the center of the production cycle.

The key element in our creative process is having good communication with the client in order to let them create their dream app and fulfil their vision –

We accompany the client throughout the whole creating process and make sure their concept and vision are being translated to the application experience – from the design to the operation of the app/

The client’s involvement should be ongoing throughout the project, from the initial prototype phase to the phase where we study the apps behavior when using it in production.

      • Upstreamdefine the list of features to implementselect the most suitable technology and establish a schedule for the overall plan for the project (business proposal).
      • Upon acceptance of the proposalCreating mock-ups of the main screens tailored to each of the targeted platforms (iPhoneiPadAndroid smartphones and tablets …).
      • Graphic Design in Adobe Photoshop by a pro designer of Qeezz
      • In parallelthe project manager controls the functional design of your applicationIn terms of deliverables, specifications relate to interactions with your information system.
      • The application is then developedincluding the designafter it’s been validated in the previous phase.
      • The completed application developmentQEEZZ commits a test campaign on the basis of mobile operations and defined end systems.
      • The mobile application validated internally by QEEZZ is then deployed in a test environment for validationThe anomalies detected are reported to QEEZZ for improvement.
      • QEEZZ accompanies you during the deployment phaseThe warranty period starts from scratch.
      • OptionalWe can assist you in the development of tools to measure the use of your applications